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We are proudly to say that we have been working with various types of companies in Malaysia and multinational companies across the Asia-Pacific. Many business partners find it gives them such an great flexibility in their business operation and it creates some great opportunities for future growth.


We work using a proven methodology which we know that it will maximize your investment.

We start by understand your business. Next, we will work out the best plan to match your company vision. Upon agreed with the propose plan, we begin to build the solutions for you. Then, we follow up with rigorous testing before deploy the solutions to you. Lastly, we will review and evaluate the project with you and your team.

Simple basic steps + numerous of experience which we named it as the SYNIC way.

Project Management

Our project management work based on a simple equation:

If (Project.Timeline.Punctuality = Cost.Control)
{ Resources.All = Service.Quality}

Just an example like Rome was not built overnight, SYNIC‘s project management skill set is an accumulation of our professional consultants’ great experiences by projects and industries knowledge.

We provide professional training to our consultants to ensure that the project is implemented and deployed successfully within the stipulated timeline without compromising the quality of the deliverables.

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“With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our marketing efficiency has gone up significantly. We can now easily generate customer mailing lists to support SMS notifications in just five minutes. We can also perform powerful segmentation and roll-out targeted marketing campaigns to increase crosssell and up-sell opportunities.”
— Hamid Salikin, IT Head, Encorp Berhad

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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