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SYNIC and Microsoft company work as a partnership and have many extensive experiences in working with various type and sizes of organizations. Together we are able to deliver personalised solutions to various industries as below:



Effective management of projects with multiple sites and customers for general contractors and homebuilders.


Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Lower cost consume, higher customer satisfaction, and rapid response to changing retailer signals for CPG manufacturers and distributors.



Help the warehouse department to decrease their cost for distributing manufactured goods by integrating business and financial systems.


Food and beverage

Our partner may able to manage well in build and develop new products successfully, consistent in meeting the retailer demands, and keep inventory well and safe.



Manufacturing Streamline processes and minimize inventory-carrying costs for producing goods from raw materials.

  • Chemical

  • High tech and electronics

  • Industrial equipment


Specialty retail

Manage specialty retail products, processes, and relationships for greater profitability

Image by John Schnobrich
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